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Our Process

Want to try new coffee or tea, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you. Our process is streamlined and easy, just pick what you like, how often you’d like it, and we’ll do the rest. Monthly, we’ll send you a unique box with one hand-picked coffee or tea that matches your preferences, a.k.a. your “flavor profile”. Want to change the flavor up? Feeling adventurous? No problem! With each box comes a survey to help us understand what you liked, so we can tailor your subscription. You can also choose our Yin-Yang Coffee and Tea box, which we will provide you with the best selections from both worlds. For now, follow the link and get started!

Why Raw Brews?

We work with local coffee roasters, tea specialists and chocolatiers from around the world, to present you with a wide range of fresh and unique products. Raw Brews stems from a team of coffee and tea fanatics, just as passionate as you. We want to help expand your palate and bring you all the joy that coffee and tea brings to your lives. In addition, we want you to get to know your beverage of choice by letting the roaster tell you their own personal stories. They will also provide recommendations for how they believe their product is best served.

Our Partnerships